There are a number of corrective dental services available from Brownstone Pediatric Dentistry in Brooklyn Heights, NY. Orthodontics are often classified as interceptive or traditional. Interceptive orthodontics are treatments implemented at an early age in order to correct jaw and tooth misalignment due to congenital defects or habits such as thumb sucking.

Early interceptive treatments do just as their name implies, they treat tooth misalignments early on and help correct them while they are small problems This prevents more serious adult tooth issues that are often more difficult to treat. Traditional orthodontics include common treatments such as metal or clear braces, Invisalign, and other types of jaw positioners that have been developed to treat a wide variety of disorders. These treatments are typically implemented at a later age when all of the adult teeth have come in.

Contact Brownstone Pediatric Dentistry today for more information about our services in Brooklyn Heights, NY. Orthodontics can help children develop tooth and jaw structure that will be beneficial for the rest of their lives. We offer child centric care in our comfortable and relaxing office with treatments from our friendly and professional staff. We are passionate about oral health and hygiene and offer individualized attention with personalized care at each and every visit. Our doctor lives in the neighborhood, has ALS certification as well as full board certification in pediatric dentistry and extensive orthodontic experience. We are dedicated to your child's smile and believe that every child should receive exceptional care, every time.

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